Phone Repair Doctors are Available to help you all around Houston TX at any time. Just Book Online or Contact Sina For Speedy Service

Fixing a Broken screen on a smartphone has never been this convenient. We can service and fix your broken iPhone and SAMSUNG in less than 15 minutes. We care to make your device work properly, that's why we only use reliable parts and offer our warranty on the service. 

PHONE REPAIR DOCTORS is a team of skilled technicians who are managed and supported by the knowledge of Electro-Mechanical Engineering to deliver the most efficient smartphone repair for you. PHONE REPAIR DOCTORS can also travel to your physical location and proceed with the repair in curbside or indoor.

 If your device needs repair, let us know exactly what device, model, color, and current condition it is. Let us know where and when you need us to be for the repair service.

We care about your well-being of our business practice and the environmental impact of electronic devices, therefore we recycle all waste materials that are left after each repair.

Engineer Technicians at your Doorstep

We repair all smart electronics such as iPad, iWatch, laptops, Game consoles, Drones, iPhone, Google Pixel, SAMSUNG, LG, ZTE, SONY, Motorolla devices here in Houston. If you have a more uncommon electronic device, let us know the exact model number on the back of the phone or on the settings page. You can Book an appointment for us to travel to your location. You can also meet us at 3730 Kirby Dr Suite 1200, Houston, TX 77098. Our technicians repair your devices very carefully and professionally. We make sure the device won’t look like it had been opened before. You need to keep in mind that cellphones are created and assembled by precise robots that are accurate machines! Please be patient with the technician during the time of service.

We provide 3D printing, on-demand prototyping using our 3D printers. We can 3D print your ideas or any idea you can find online as an STL file and print it in small size.