Frequenty Asked Questions

Mobile iPhone Repairs

  • How does PHONE REPAIR DOCTORS LLC Fix my broken iPhone screen? Our Technicians will drive their vehicle to your convenient location and fix your iPhone screen right in their driver's seat or they come to the lobby/indoor and they'll use a table and their magnetic tools to fix the phone screen.

  • What is PHONE REPAIR DOCTORS LLC? PHONE REPAIR DOCTORS LLC is a mobile phone repair company with highly professional electronic engineers behind the company's techniques and strategies. We can install and repair almost every smart device in your hand, from iPhones to iWatch, iPad, and androids.

  • Does PHONE REPAIR DOCTORS LLC use Original parts? We use the highest quality third-party replacement parts. We could possibly find the Absolute original parts upon your request.

  • Who are the PHONE REPAIR DOCTORS LLC technicians? Our technicians are experts in their field and are enthusiastic about using their expertise to solve your problems and bring you peace of mind. All our technicians have been carefully vetted and screened. We only select the top 10% of technicians who apply, and we require a comprehensive background check for every technician.

  • Do I lose any data after screen or battery replacement repair? No, but it is a good idea to have a backup.

  • How long does the screen repair take? the repair usually takes about 15-20 Minutes.

  • How soon can I schedule a technician? In most cases, we can be at your doorstep in 1-2 hours. It depends on the time of the day and the area you need the technician to come to.

  • Do you provide a guarantee on mobile phone repairs? Yes! Our mobile phone repair service has a 10-day warranty as long as there's no physical damage to the device.

  • What happens if my device can't be fixed? our techs are trained to replace screen battery and other parts, if your phone has a motherboard issue, we would need to take it for more repairs which will take 1-3 days. if you decide not to proceed we still need to charge $40 for traveling, time, and diagnosis.

  • What happens if I crack my screen again or my phone gets damaged again? Our guarantee does not cover any physical damage. after it's damaged we need to charge for another repair.