Terms of Services

Mobile iPhone Repairs

General Info:

  • Any customer who uses our services or purchases merchandise from us will automatically be subject to all PHONE REPAIR DOCTORS LLC policies. As a customer, you are responsible for reading our entire service policy before using any of our services. We are not responsible for reading out the company policy to every customer.

  • Quotes are given online or over the phone are rough estimates; our technician will determine the accurate cost of repair once the device is present and we diagnose it.

  • Customers must not leave any additional accessories or parts with the device being repaired. We are not responsible for any loss of items; that includes phone cases, sim cards, or memory cards. As a customer, it is a good idea to only present us with the device and not include any extras or any attachable.

  • Customers have up to 15 days to collect their device(s) starting from the day it was dropped. If a customer fails to collect their device within the grace period, PHONE REPAIR DOCTORS LLC will recycle the device.

Terms of Service:

  • Diagnostics may take 15 minutes or a few business days (For motherboard issue devices).

  • Diagnostics will be subjected to a Non-Refundable diagnostic fee that is $30.

  • If we traveled to you and after a diagnosis, the technician recognizes the device as not repairable, then the minimum diagnostic fee plus the traveling fee will apply.

  • All repairs carry a risk of loss for all the data and information of the phone. The customer is responsible for backing up their data before any repair is done. PHONE REPAIR DOCTORS LLC is not responsible for any loss of data from the customer’s device(s)

  • By dropping off your device for repair or diagnosis, you are giving consent and you are acknowledging that PHONE REPAIR DOCTORS LLC will attempt the necessary steps to diagnose or repair your device that includes the process of opening the electronic device and therefore that device will lose its original seal between the frame and the screen.

  • All repairs carry a risk of losing the life of the device depending on the conditions of the phone at the time of the repair

  • When a repair is requested for a specific problem, it may require additional necessary repairs to complete the repair, which may result in additional charges. We will try to honor the quote given; however, the price may fluctuate depending on the repairs needed. We will also try to inform the customer of any changes before conducting the repair.

  • Motherboard repairs, Computer repairs, and game console repairs can take up to 1-8 business days, not including the time spent waiting on the part ordered online.

  • Glass-only repairs can take 1-2 business days, not including weekends.

  • Devices requiring network or software unlocking can take anywhere from 1-10 business days, not including weekends.


  • All repairs carry a 10-day warranty on only the fixed parts. Wear, scratch, physical, or liquid damage voids the warranty! Physical damage on the LCD/OLED screens may not be visible to the naked eye. LCD/OLED screens showing lines of any color, bleeding, or complete blackouts constitute physical damage on the new part and therefore it voids the warranty.

  • We are only responsible for the repairs being done on the device. The warranty does not cover the whole device or any other parts.

  • Devices being repaired for liquid damage or have been liquid damaged before, do not carry a warranty of any kind.

  • Devices being repaired for any issue will not carry a warranty of any kind if it has a broken, cracked, or missing back at the time of drop off.

  • All sales are final; they carry a 10-day warranty. We have no refund policy.

  • All accessories sales and repairs are final— We accept no refunds or exchanges.