Our Warranty and Privacy Policy

Our company pays special care to protect the privacy of your Personal Data and cellphone data. Unlike some shops, We Don’t need your Phone Passcode. We respect our customer's privacy and security of data.

When you book a service, your information will only be used to navigate through the repair process and will remain confidential to you. We fix the problem that you present for us. We can't Test everything in your device after service is done. We are responsible for the part we replaced in the device as long as there is no physical damage to the parts. Any physical and liquid damage device will not be covered by a warranty. Most possible screens Malfunctions are discovered within the first minutes after the repair so let us know of the issue immediately. Let us know the issue if you are experiencing any, as soon as the next day after the service, to qualify for the warranty repair. If your phone has been opened and repaired before and or if it has internal issues that require Micro-soldering, there is no warranty coverage for that device.