Any possibility to replace the Home button on iPhone 6-8Plus with working Touch ID?

Apple has gone above and beyond to cut everyone's hand from their device privacy, or is it what they want you to know?! Apple is tough in preserving their product, but the consumers and business masterminds will always find ways.

I repair a lot of phones with all sorts of problems. Across the board, there are phones that you cannot fix! there are issues that are logically understandable. But the electronic company, Apple has decided to monopolize the environment of the products from the ground up in design.

Damaging a home button on an iPhone while replacing the screen, is very easy. The electronic components on the iPhone screen are very sensitive. Repairing an iPhone over and over, or amateur tech can increase the chances of getting a damaged home button or Touch ID.

If you have a damaged or broken Touch ID, the only 2 options are 1.Micro-soldering 2.Replacing it with an Aftermarket home button module and losing the Touch ID!

For now, business with this issue is as it is. and it is not possible to revive your iPhone Touch ID perfectly for sure! Micro-soldering can be effective 1 out of 10 phones with this issue.

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